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Uncovering my ancestors is an ongoing work in process.  Fortunately I have been able to prove a connection between many of my recent ancestors and pedigrees prepared by others, making my research easier.  As time permits, I will fill in my family tree with information from private and published pedigrees (sources footnoted) and personally confirmed ancestors. (Please note that I cannot guarantee that the research prepared by another person is correct.)
In America my ancestors included doctors, lawyers, ministers, merchants, authors, southern planters, legislators, judges, sheriffs and soldiers who served in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Texas War for Independence, 1845 War with Mexico, the Civil War (both sides), WW I and WW II.  Overall they make up a great American family of which I am proud..    ..

Royal Heritage

Thirty Eight Generations from Alfred the Great, King of England

ABBREVIATIONS:  b., born; d., died; m., married: dau., daughter; c. or ca., approximate date; Co., County; liv., living; knt., knight; K.G., Knight of the Garter; Surety, Surety of the Magna Carta. Letters in (  ) are footnotes for the generation. 

38.  Marilyn RALLS  m. and divorced Frederick Russell JOHNSON, son of John F.(Fred) and E. Margaret JOHNSON(a) of Mamaroneck, Westchester Co., NY. Marilyn and Rick had two sons. She is the dau. of 

37.  Lt. Col. George Alva RALLS, Jr., US Army (Retired) d.16 Apr. 1999; m. 1st  Louise BEARD d. 1975 dau. of Samuel N. BEARD(a) and Grace BALLARD(b) of Houston, Texas.  His parents were:

36.  Eunice Althea SHAW, (a) b.22 Sept. 1887, in Stranger, Texas, d.14 Nov. 1984, sister of Frank Hawthorn SHAW, M.D., Marlin, Texas;  m.1st 27 Oct.1910 to George Alva RALLS, Sr., attorney, dvrcd.13 Nov.1922.  He was b. June 1888, in Ralls County, Missouri and d. before 1955, son of Edgar Hayes RALLS(b) and Mary Belle GILL of Ralls County, Missouri(c).  Her parents were:

35. Nancy (Nannie) SYPERT, b. 9 Jan. 1862 in Clarksville, Tennessee, d. 27 May 1960, Marlin, Texas, (a) m. 29 Feb. 1880, Marlin, Texas to John Crosby SHAW, M.D. b. 24 Nov. 1846, Monroe, County Alabama, d. 16 Dec. 1929, Marlin, Texas, son of John L. SHAW, M.D. b. 1814 in North Carolina d. 1884 in Alabama m. 1845 in Alabama, Permelia CROSBY(b). Her parents were:

34.  Mary KILLEBREW (a), b. c. 1831  Tennessee, d. between 1870-1880  Mt. Calm, McLennan County, Texas, sister of  William KILLEBREW, M.D., coroner of Falls County, Texas (b) m. before 1860 Stephen George SYPERT, (c) merchant and farmer, b. 1827 in Tennessee, then moved to Christian County, Kentucky,  settled in Texas before 1860 (d) served in Terry's Texas Rangers during the Civil War d. 6 Nov. 1905, Marlin, Falls County, Texas, (e) son of Hardy S. SYPERT b. 1801, Lebanon, Wilson Co., Tennessee d. 1881 m. 5 Jan. 1826 in Sumner County, Tennessee, Ann Clark ROGERS b. 1800 (f).  Her parents were: 

33.  Edwin KILLEBREW (a), b. 16 Mar. 1789 Duplin, North Carolina, d. 30 Nov. 1847  in Ringgold,  Montgomery County, Tennessee; m. ca. 1814, Dickson, Tennessee,  Mary WILLIAMS  b. 21 Apr. 1793 d. 2 Dec. 1872 Montgomery County, Tennessee dau. of Daniel WILLIAMS and Sarah NIXON(b).  His parents were: 

32.  Mary WHITFIELD, b. 4 Jan. 1765, Wayne, NC; d. 24 Aug. 1843, Montgomery, TN; m. 1783 Buckner KILLEBREW, b. 11 Apr. 1753, Edgecombe, NC; d. 15 July 1824, Montgomery Co., TN, an early settler (1796) prominent in the formation of Montgomery Co., TN; son of Robert KILLEBREW and Agnes ADAMS/BULLOCK. Her parents were: 

31.  William WHITFIELD,  III, b. 1 June 1743, Rockland,  Lenoir, NC; d. Mar. 1817, Wayne, NC; m. 1st 1763 Hester WILLIAMS, dau. of Col. Joseph WILLIAMS. He was a large land holder in Lenoir & Wayne Cos., NC, fought in Revolution, capturing Gen'l Donald McDonald at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge. His parents were: 

30.  Rachel BRYAN, b. 10 June 1723, Bertie, NC; d. 6 Nov. 1780, Pleasant Plains, Wayne, NC; m. 6 Nov. 1741  William WHITFIELD, Jr., b. 20 May 1715, Nansemond, VA; d. 31 Mar. 1795, Pleasant Plains, Wayne, NC., a man of wealth & political prominence, a Justice for Johnston Co., NC, Member of the Assembly & the Governor’s Council, Capt. of a company of NC militia, at the Battle of Guilford Court House, NC, in Revolution, son of William WHITFIELD, Sr.(a). & Elizabeth GOODMAN.  Her parents were: 

29.  Needham BRYAN, b. 23 Feb. 1690, Nansemond/Isle of Wight, VA; d. 2 Jan.1770, Snowfield, Bertie, NC; m. 1st 11 Nov. 1711, Anne ROMBEAU, b. 1695; d. Mar 1730, Bertie, NC. He was a planter, Capt. of militia, active in public service in Bertie Co., NC, Justice of Peace, Sheriff & Comissioner, represented Bertie in Colonial Assembly.  His parents were: 

28.  Alice NEEDHAM, b. ca.1656, England or Ireland; d. 1729 at age 73, NC; m. ca. 1689 William BRYAN, b. Ireland; d. ca. 1742, NC, styled Marquis of Thomond.  Because of religious & political differences, the two families did not approve of the marriage, so the couple eloped and came to America about 1689, settled in Isle of Wight, Virginia, then moved to Albemarle Co., North Carolina about 1722.(became Pasquotank Co.in 1738, where he is buried). Her parents were: 

KILMOREY 27. Charles NEEDHAM, 4th Viscount of Kilmorey d. 1660; m.  27 Feb. 1654/5 Bridget DRURY, buried 11 July 1696 (daughter of Sir William DRURY of Beesthorp, co. Norfolk, and his wife Mary COKAYNE). When Sir Charles died in 1660, he left “children under age”: Robert, born 1655, 5th Viscount, died without issue at age 13. Thomas, 6th Viscount, born about 1659, m. 4 Dec. 1679  d. 26 Nov. 1687, leaving issue. The family records place Alice’s birth between Charles’ two sons. The 4th Viscount's parents were: 
26.  Robert NEEDHAM, 2nd Viscount of Kilmorey d. 12 Sept. 1653; m. 2nd 1636 Eleanor DUTTON d. 12 Mar. 1665/6, aged 69, dau. of Sir Thomas DUTTON and his wife, Thomasine ANDERTON.  Robert, the 3rd Viscount, (his son by first marriage) renounced his title in favor of his half brother. His parents were: 

25.  Robert NEEDHAM, 1st Viscount of Kilmorey, an Irish Peerage, buried 26 Nov. 163I,  m. 1st  in 1586 Jane LACY, who d. 16 July 1591, dau. of John LACY of Borston, co. Somerset. His parents were: 

24. Robert NEEDHAM, b.c. 1535 d. 18 Dec. 1603, of Shenton & Shavington, a distinguished commander in Ireland; m. Frances ASTON, dau. of  Sir Edward ASTON, of Tixall, Co. Stafford. His parents were: 

23.  Anne TALBOT, b. 1515; m. Thomas NEEDHAM, of Shenton, b. 1510, son of Sir Robert NEEDHAM, Knt., Sheriff of Salop and Agnes MAINWARING. Her parents were: 

22.  Sir John TALBOT, Knt., b. 1485, d. 10 Sept. 1549, of Albrighton and Grafton, sheriff of Shropshire, 1527, 1537, 1541; m. 1st Margaret TROUTBECK, b. 1492, liv. 1521, grandau. of Margaret STANLEY, (a descendant of EDWARD I, HENRY III and Henry DE BOHUN, Surety). His parents were: 

21.  Sir Gilbert TALBOT, K.G., b. 1452, d. 16 Aug. 1517, of Grafton, co. Worcester; m. 2nd Audrey COTTON, dau. of Sir John COTTON. He was the 2nd son of: 

20.  Elizabeth BUTLER, b. 1420, d. 8 Sept. 1473; m. c. 1444-48, Sir John TALBOT, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury, K.G., Lord Treasurer of England b.c. 1413, d. at Battle of Northampton, 10 July 1460, son of John TALBOT, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, K.G. and Maud NEVILL, a descendant of Surety John FITZROBERT.  Her parents were: 

Butler A Boo  19. James BUTLER, b. prob. 1392, d. 23 Aug. 1452, 4th  Earl of Ormonde, Lord Deputy  and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; m. 1st on or bef. 28 Aug. 1413, Joan or Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP (most likely Joan) d. 3 or 5 Aug. 1430, dau. of Joan FitzAlan (a descendent of EDWARD I, HENRY III and Henry DE BOHUN, Surety) and William DE BEAUCHAMP, Lord Abergavenny, K.G., whose father Thomas was an original K.G. His parents were: 
18. James BUTLER, d. 6 or 7 Sept. 1405, 3rd Earl of Ormonde, Lord Justice of Ireland; m. bef. 17 June 1386, Anne WELLES, liv. 1396, dau. of John DE WELLES, 6th Lord Welles and Eilnore MOWBRAY (she was a descendant of both William DE MOWBRAY and William D’ALBINI, Sureties). His parents were: 

17.  James BUTLER, b. Kilkenny, 4 Oct. 1331, d. 18 Oct. or 6 Nov. 1382, 2nd Earl of  Ormonde, Lord Justice of Ireland; m. Elizabeth DARCY, d. 24 Mar. 1389/90, dau. of Sir John DARCY, Knt. of Platten, Meath, Lord Justice of Ireland (a descendant of William DE LANVALLEI, Surety). His parents were: 

16. Eleanor DE BOHUN, d. 7 Oct. 1363; m. 1st in 1327, James BUTLER, created 1328 1st Earl of Ormonde, b.c. 1305, d. Jan. or Feb. 1337/8, son of Sir Edmund BUTLER, Earl of Carrick, Lord Justice of Ireland d. London, 13 Sept. 1321 and Joan FITZGERALD dau. of John 1st Earl of Kildare (He was the great grandson of Isabel BIGOD, a descendant of  Roger and Hugh BIGOD, Sureties). Her parents were: 

15.  Elizabeth PLANTAGENET, b. Aug. 1282, d . 5 May 1316; m. 2nd 14 Nov.1302 Humphrey DE BOHUN VIII, b.c. 1276, slain at Boroughbridge, 16 Mar. 1321/2, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Lord High Constable of England (descendant of MALCOLM III, King of Scotland, and Henry DE BOHUN, Surety). Her parents were: 

Three Lions Of England

14.  EDWARD I, King of England, (1272-1307), b. 17 June 1239, d. 7 July 1307; m. 1st Oct. 1254, ELEANOR of Castile dau. of FERDINAND III, the Saint, King of Castile. His parents were: 

13.  HENRY III, King of England, (1216-1272), b. 1 Oct. 1207, d. 16 Nov. 1272; m. 14 Jan. 1236, ELEANOR of Provence b. 1217 d. 24 Jan. 1291 dau. of Raymond BERENGER, Count of Provence, and BEATRICE of Savoy.  His parents were: 

12.  JOHN, Lackland, King of England, (1199-1216), who signed the Magna Carta in 1215, b. 24 Dec. 1166, d. 19 Oct. 1216; m. 2nd 24 Aug. 1200,  ISABELLA b. 1188 d. 31 May 1246, dau. of Aymer DE VALENCE, Count of Angouleme and Alice CAPET grandau. of LOUIS VI, King of France. His parents were: 

11.  HENRY II, Curtmantel, King of England, (1154-1189), b. 5 Mar. 1132/3, d. 6 July 1189; m. 18 May 1153, ELEANOR of Aquitaine dau. of WILLIAM, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou.  His parents were:

10.  MATILDA, Queen of England, b. 1104, d. 10 Sept. 1167; m. 2nd 3 Apr. 1127, Geoffrey V, PLANTAGENET, Count of Anjou and Maine, Duke of Normandy b. 24 Aug. 1113 d. 11 Sept. 1150, son of FULK V, the Young, Count of Anjou and King of Jerusalem, and his 1st wife, EREMBURGE, Countess of Maine d.1126. Her parents were:
9.  MATILDA of Scotland, b. 1079, d. 1 May 1118; m. 11 Nov. 1100, HENRY I, Beauclerc, King of England, (1100-1135), b. 1070 d. Dec. 1135, son of WILLIAM THECONQUEROR, King of England (1066-1087), Duke of Normandy &  MATILDA of Flanders dau. of BAUDOUIN, Viscount of Flanders. Her parents were:
Cross of St. Andrew and English Lion
8.  SAINT MARGARET, Queen of Scotland, b. 1045, d. 16 Nov. 1093, the 2nd wife of MALCOLM III, Ceannmor, King of Scotland, (1057 to 1093) m. 1068/9, b. 1031, d. 13 Nov. 1093. MALCOLM III slew MACBETH, who had killed his father, DUNCAN I , King of Scotland (1034-1040).  Her parents were: 

7.  EDWARD Atheling (the Exile), b. posthumously 1017, d. 1057; m. AGATHA d. 1093 probably dau. of CONRAD II of Franconia, Holy Roman Emperor. His parents were: 

6.  EDMUND II,  Ironside, King of England, (1016), b. 989, d. 30 Nov. 1016; m. 1015 ALGITHA.  His parents were: 

5.  ETHELRED II, the Redeless (Unready), King of England, (979-1016), b. 968, d. 1016; m. 1st 984, ELGIVA, dau. of Earl THORED. His parents were: 

4.  EDGAR, the Pacifica (Peaceful), King of England. (959-975), b. 944, d. 975; m. 2nd 964, ELFRIDA, b. 945, d. 1000, dau. of ORDGAR, Earl of Devonshire. His parents were: 

3. EDMUND I, the Magnificent, King of England, (940-946), b. 921, d. 946: m. 940 EDGIRA. His parents were: 

2.  EDWARD I, the Elder, King of England, (899-925), b. 875, d. 925; m. 3rd 916, EDGIRA, d. 953, dau. of Earl SIGELINE. His parents were: 

1.  ALFRED, the Great, King of England, (871-899), b. Wantage 848, d. 26 Oct. 899, son of ETHELWULF, King of England, and OSBURGH, dau. of OSLAC, the King’s Cup Bearer: m. 868, EALHSWITH, d. c. 904, dau. of  EATHELRED, Ealdorman of Gainsborough, 

and on back in time.......... 


38.  (a) John Frederick (Fred) JOHNSON, b. 22 Nov 1906, Brooklyn, NY, (son of Virginia and Sam Johnson) was a Vice President of National Steel, Inc.  E. Margaret was English, born in Chifoo, China, of missionary parents, Elizabeth and Russell ALTY.  She met Fred in Hong Kong in 1938 while working for the Bank of England. (Oral and written family history)

37. (a) Sam BEARD'S father came to Montgomery County, Texas from South Carolina in the late 1800's. (b) The first Ballard ancestor in America was Col. Thomas BALLARD (b. 1630, Warwick, England d. 1689 Williamsburg, Virginia) who was in York Co., Virginia ca. 1650 when he m. Anna THOMAS. He served as Clerk of County Court and Speaker of the House of Burgess. He purchased a large tract of land which is now William and Mary College. Private family tree prepared by Malcolm Jillison. William Curtis Ballard His Ancestors and Descendants,compiled by John Ballard DraperThe Ballards   The Early Generations:  1603-1877, edited by Cynthia N. Vincent. 1993. privately published for family use.

36. (a) 1900 U.S. Census of Falls County, Texas (b) 1900 U.S. Census of  Ralls County, Missouri  (c) First Ralls ancestor in America, John RALLS, Sr.,  was in Virginia by 1723 (Gordon Ralls’ private family tree). Family history says he came from Somersetshire Co. (England) ca.1695 (letter from Kenaz Ralls dated 1840 found among Ruth Ralls Fisher's papers and reported by Stephan A. Ralls, D.D.S.). 

35.  (a) Families of Falls County (Texas), Falls County Historical Commission.  Edkin Press.  Eunice Shaw RALLS believed the Shaws to be descendants of Duncan MACDUFF, the 3rd Earl of Fife (1154-1203). (b) The first Shaw ancestor in our American line came from Scotland to North Carolina in the 1700's.  This and other information on the Shaws from Memorial and Biographical History of McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago. 

34.(a) 1870 U.S. Census of  McLennan County, Texas. (b)(i) 1850 U.S. Census of Montgomery County, Tennessee (William KILLIBREW, sic) (ii) Dr. William KILLEBREW is the uncle of Nancy Sypert SHAW, the brother of Mary Killebrew SYPERT, and the son of Edwin and Mary (Williams) KILLEBREW of Clarksville, Tennessee  from Families of Falls County (Texas), Falls County Historical Commission.  Edkin Press. (iii) Dr. William KILLEBREW is mentioned as son of Edwin and Mary (Williams) KILLEBREW of Clarksville, Tennessee and the brother of Susan H. Killebrew HERRING, who came to Texas in 1855 with her husband Edwin R. HERRING, both Clarksville, Tennessee natives.  Memorial and Biographical History of McLennan, Falls, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas. 1893. The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago. (c) The SYPERTS were a French Huguenot family from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France whose first American ancestor was in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania by 1742. (i) Descendants of Silas Asbury and Nancy Jane (Fussell) Syphrett,a paper compiled by Lyndall Maxwell. January 1981. (ii) Marcia Porter’s private family tree.  (d) 1860 U.S. Census of Limestone County, Texas.  S.G.’s uncle, Thomas SYPERT, received a land grant in Robertson County, Texas, and a 1st cousin, William Carroll SYPERT, received a Bounty Land Grant for his service in the Texas Army. Texas Land Grant records, Robertson County, Texas tax records. (e) Newspaper obituary, Waco Times-Herald 1905 (f) Marcia Porter’s private family tree, 1850 U.S. Census of Christian Co., Kentucky. 

33.(a) Per Lanelle Killebrew’s private family tree (i)The Killebrews are thought to be descendants of  the English Killigrews, a family which included playwrights Thomas KILLIGREW, Sr. (1612-1683) and Thomas KILLIGREW, Jr. (1657-1673) EncyclopediaBritannica. 1963. (ii) The first Killebrew ancestor in America  was in Virginia by 1720 and changed his name from Killigrew to Killebrew. (b)(i) Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related Families, compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield.  Book One Whitfield. (ii) Louise Guinn’s private family tree. 

32. (i) Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related Families, compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield.  Book One Whitfield. (ii)Louise Guinn’s private family tree. 

31. Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related Families, compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield.  Book One Whitfield. 

30.(a)(i) According to family legend,  William WHITFIELD, Sr. was the son of Matthew WHITFIELD who was in Virginia in 1685. Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related Families, compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield.  Book One Whitfield. (ii) According to Col. Charles Shepard Bryan, Chapter 165, Magna Charta, Part V, John S. Wurts. 1945. Brookfield Publishing Company. William Whitfield, Sr. was born in 1688 and came to Virginia from England in his own ship “The Providence”. 

29. (i) Whitfield, Bryan, Smith and Related Families, compiled by Emma Morehead Whitfield.  Book Two Bryan  Smith.  (ii) Col. Charles Shepard Bryan, Chapter 165, Magna Charta, Part V, John S.Wurts. 1945. Brookfield Publishing Company. 

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14. - 1. Information came from (i) Burke’s Peerage Baronetage and Knightage, edited by Peter Townend. 1970. Burke’s Peerage Limited. London. (ii) Louise Guinn’s private Royal Heritage.