In January, 1997 my first grandchild was born,
and this is the story of his first eight months.

First Picture
Wrinkled and gummy, he popped out of mummy.

Gave each of us an intent gaze, then just slept and ate for days and days.

He unfolded and awakened smiling and sunny.

And suddenly he could roll from his back to his tummy.

Then he sat up by himself. Such a cute little elf.

Wide-eyed he checked us all out. Just wanted to see what we were about!

(Well, this kid's no dummy; he thinks big folks are funny.)

Next he's crawling all over the house. He's as quick as a mouse.

Solid foods - this soon? He's learning to use his fork and spoon.
At Eight Months
Now he's standing up and drinking from a cup.

He's starting to talk. Soon he'll be able to walk!

There's a tooth coming in. This boy's going to win

the development race with a sweet, sweet smile on his face!

1997 Copyright Marilyn Johnson All Rights Reserved